Verdisio Nobilomo Tranquillo IGT


In the past it was used as a grape mix together with the prosecco. It has always been widespread in the area of Combai. If fermented pure it gives a wine greenish yellow coloured with bright highlights. Its fragrance has a fruit scent of unripe apple with green pepper and sage hints.
Its flavour is piquant, full-bodied, with an after-aroma of unripe citrus fruits.
It is a very good aperitif if served cold. It goes well with light appetizers and white meats but it goes very well especially with roast fish dishes and shellfishes.

Technical Data

alcohol Vol. 10,5%; sugar content 8 g/l.

Serving Temperature

8-10° C.


100% Verdiso.

Zone of Production

limited parts of the vineyards of Combai.

Characteristics of Vineyards

traditional vineyards of the prosecco area, completely placed on the hills facing south. They are cultivated with the traditional double-arched cane system.


soft, well structured, clayey rich in medium-sized skeleton, well provided with organic substance with neutralalkaline pH.


the last decade of September, with a selection of the best grapes.


traditional fermentation without the skins with a reductive technique. The soundest grapes undergo a light cold maceration that is a fermentation on clean must at a controlled temperature of 19-21° C with selected yeasts. Then it is stabilized in an autoclave.

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