Superiore di Cartizze Valdobbiadene DOCG Dry


This sparkling wine has a fine and persistent perlage. Its hot aromatic fragrance has notes of fruits such as green apple, ripen peach and pear combined with flower aromas of wisteria and jasmine. Its flavour is velvety and deep with a perfect balance between tannins and sugar. Its strong aftertaste recalls the ripen fruit aroma. This important sparkling wine is excellent as an aperitif but also compliments fish dishes. It goes well with dry biscuits and fine pastry. This wine is the ideal end of any convivial occasion.

Technical Data

alcohol Vol. 11,5%; sugar content 30 g/l.

Serving Temperature

6-8° C.

Zone of Production

family vineyard in the Cartizze area.

Characteristics of Vineyards

all located in the Cartizze area on south facing hills. The vineyard is cultivated with the characteristic double-arched cane system.


soft, well structured, medium-texture clayey, well endowed with organic substance and neutral pH.


last ten days of September.


Vinification is the classical one without the skins using reductive techniques. The wine is fermented with clean must at a controlled temperature between 19 and 21° C with selected yeasts. The second fermentation takes place in steel autoclaves with the Charmat method.

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