Rosso Artù


This is an austere deep ruby red coloured wine. Its aroma is lightly grassy with scents of raspberry and bramble. It
is full-bodied, well orchestrated and dry with thick and soft tannins. It goes well with game and especially with hard cheeses. Its fragrance is exalted if it is uncorked a little bit before tasting.

Technical Data

alcohol Vol. 12,5%.

Serving Temperature

20° C.


90% Cabernet/10% other red vines of the area: Merlot, Marzemino.

Zone of Production

vineyards located in Vittorio Veneto.

Characteristics of Vineyards

flat vineyard facing south cultivated with the sylvox system.


well structured, very clayey and without skeleton, well provided with organic substance with neutral pH.


by the middle of October.


traditional fermentation on the skins at a controlled temperature. It is bottled after the malolactic fermentation.

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