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Nobilomo Verdiso Colli Trevigiani IGT

Nobilomo Verdiso Colli Trevigiani IGT is a decidedly savoury, full-bodied indigenous wine with hints of returning unripe citrus fruits.

Used in the past as a blend together with Prosecco, Verdiso has always been widespread in the area, cultivated in the restricted parts of the Combai vineyards. When vinified as a single varietal, it produces a greenish yellow wine with brilliant reflections, with a fruity aroma of unripe green apple and hints of green pepper and sage characterising its bouquet.

Served chilled, it is excellent as an aperitif. It goes well with lean hors d’oeuvres and white meats, but it especially enhances fish and shellfish dishes, especially if baked.

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Technical data

Alcohol: 10,5% v/v

Sugars: 8 g/l

Serving temperature: 8-10° C

Grapes: 100% Verdiso

Characteristics of the vineyards: classic uneven-aged vineyards of the prosecco area, totally laid out on the southern slopes of the hills. The training system is the characteristic double upside-down.

Vinification: classic white vinification using a reductive technique, a slight cryomaceration is carried out on the healthiest grapes, fermentation on clean must at a temperature of 19-21° C with selected yeasts. It is then stabilised in an autoclave.