Erres Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Brut


The appearance is pale straw yellow with greenish reflections, with bright foam and fine and persistent perlage.
Fresh fruit and summer flowers complete its particularly dry and crunchy aroma.
It is ideal for demanding palates and for those who want to try new taste experiences.

Technical Data

Alcohol 11% v / v; sugars 3 g / l; pressure 5 bar at 20 ° C

Serving Temperature

6-8° C, taking care to uncork gently.


100% Glera selected.

Zone of Production

Steep Combai vineyards.

Characteristics of Vineyards

Classic uneven vineyards in the Prosecco area, totally arranged in the southern slopes of the hills. The breeding system is the characteristic double inverted.


Soft, well structured, clayey with the presence of a skeleton, well endowed with organic substance with a neutral alkaline pH.


Second ten days of September.


Classic white vinification with reductive technique, fermentation on clean must at a temperature of 19-21 ° C with selected yeasts. The second fermentation is done in an autoclave following the method of short charmat.

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